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In 2010, there were over 300,000 speeding tickets issued in the State of Florida. The fine amount and number of points is determined by how fast you were allegedly operating your vehicle in relation to the posted speed limit. Your speed can be measured by the officer using a pace car, laser, radar, or airplane (stopwatch). While many people simply elect to pay their citation and take the points (or choose driving school, if eligible), it is important to remember that approximately 28% of all speeding tickets issued in 2010 were dismissed. Many times, drivers feel as though they were issued a speeding citation in error. If you feel that you were wrongly cited, it is important to know how the police officer proves that you were speeding.

How Does the Officer "Prove" Your Speed?
Florida law requires that the officer produce a signed and witnessed certificate, showing that the speed measuring device used to detect your speed was tested within the specific time limits and that such device was working properly. Fla. Stat. 316.1905(2)(b). The production of this document establishes a evidentiary presumption of the speed alleged by the officer, unless the contrary is established by competent evidence. Id. An evidentiary presumption is "an assumption of the existence of a fact which is in reality unproven by direct evidence." Charles W. Ehrhardt, Erhardt's Florida Evidence, §301.1, 95 (2010 Ed., West 2010). What does this all mean? If the officer is present and provides a calibration certificate that meets the statutory requirements, the officer has established your speed, unless an experienced Tampa Speeding Ticket Attorney can provide competent evidence to the contrary.

In addition to the Calibration Certificate, an officer must establish that the officer has satisfactorily completed the Radar or Laser training course, the officer made an independent visual determination that your vehicle was operating above the posted speed limit,the conditions present permitted the clear assignment of speed to a single vehicle,and several other statutory requirements.

Speeding Tickets - How Many Points?
A single speeding ticket conviction can result in up to six points on your license. For speeding tickets 15mph or less, a conviction will result in THREE POINTS. If you received a speeding ticket for 16mph or more over the limit, a conviction will result in FOUR POINTS on your license. However, if you receive a ticket for unlawful speeding resulting in an accident, a conviction will result in SIX POINTS being assessed to your driving record.

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